Who Am I

My name is Micah.

I first picked up a camera in 7th grade because I found myself with a deep desire to capture memories. I've been a traveler my entire life, and I wanted a way to save what I saw when I felt enamored of the beauty in this world. From the start, photography had to be something more. I could never just take a photo and move on - I had to think it through and do it as best as possible. I developed a love for the craft and dove into all of the technicalities in college. That's when I made my first video.

Video began in the exact same way. I wanted to simply document a summer in Colorado with my best friend. It just could never be simple. It always needed to be more. So here I am, a 23-year-old Michigander living in Los Angeles, California, still loving to travel, watch sunsets, play sports, listen to music, and go on adventures. But now, the love I have for the crafts of photography and filmmaking drives my life and I couldn't be happier.


Let's create something more.


- Half day (4 hours): starting at $400

- Full day (8+ hours): starting at $750


- Shoot cost: dependent on project

- Editing cost: starting at $600 per 1 minute of edited video

* Video projects vary based on project-specific costs (gear rentals, travel, time, etc.).

Please contact me for pricing details.

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e: micahjrynders@gmail.com

t: (616) 915-0673

Micah Rynders


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